Today’s Solid Building Solution

Engineered, Insulated, Concrete Block Wall Systems that are Cost Effective
and Provide Real Safety, Durability, Efficiency, Comfort and Style.
Thermal Block Performs in in all Categories:
Safety -Fire Proof Steel Reinforced Design Increases Strength and Security to Resist Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Earthquakes. Creates Peace of Mind.
Durability -Highly Resistant to Severe Storm Damage, Hail, Floods, Black Mold, Rodents, and All Insects Including Termites.
Efficiency -Block Design, Reinforcement, Insulation and Thermal Mass Create High Strength and "R" Performance Values Ranging from 21 to 34.
Comfort -Very Quiet, STC-61, Clean, Secure, Hypoallergenic and Elegant. Thermal Block is a "Green" Environmentally Friendly Block.
Affordability -Cost is Less Than Conventional Construction. Lower Monthly Operating Expenses due to Quality and Superior Performance.

Safe: Thermal Block will not burn. Multicore blocks have been fire tested under ASTM guidelines and passed a 4+ hour fire rating. It achieves the industry’s highest fire insurance safety rating. Thermal Block resists hurricanes, earthquakes and tornadoes. It is a fiber, steel rebar and grout reinforced insulated concrete block wall system that has been engineered for use in earthquake zones and to withstand wind loads under 120 mph. Flying debris during hurricanes and tornadoes cause most of the structural damage to buildings. Multicore blocks have been debris tested at Texas Tech University utilizing a cannon-like apparatus shooting a six-foot long 2x4 wood missile traveling at 109 mph. The wall performed with total resistance with no structural damage. This same test easily perforated conventional wall systems. Thermal Block offers greater overall security. Many homes today are burglarized by simply cutting a large hole in an exterior wall, bypassing the alarm system for access. Thermal Block makes this far more difficult.

Durable: Thermal Block is a very strong inorganic reinforced concrete block system that resists rot, decay and the growth of mold and mildew. Thermal Block is not a food for mold, termites or carpenter ants that commonly damage or destroy homes. The surface bond or “skin” of the system is a combination of concentrated cement, silica sand, reinforced fiberglass, lime and modified acrylic latex that greatly assist in making the entire wall system highly resistant to extreme weather, hot or cold, wet or dry, storm damage, wind blown debris, driving rain, flooding, UV rays, cracking, fading, peeling or blistering and insect penetration.

Efficient: Multicore blocks achieve high performance “R” ratings of 24 to 38 due to a combination of offset and constricted thermal pathways and expanded Polystyrene foam inserts or polyurethane foam that are highly resistant to heat flow. The higher mass of this wall system stores a large amount of heat that is slowly released facilitating moderate indoor temperature changes. These solid walls also effectively seal out uncomfortable drafts. The economic result is lower monthly operating expense.

Comfortable: Multicore blocks are nearly soundproof with an STC rating of 61. Thermal Block is very resistant to bugs, ants, insects and moisture penetration. This is due to the fact that the wall is essentially a waterproof one piece monolithic wall from the footings to the roof with no ground seams or corner seams. The block is hypoallergenic and “Green” by having no VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) and no dust. The thermal mass maintains a constant and consistent temperature throughout the entire home. These homes are naturally warm in winter and cool in summer.

Affordable: Deciding to build your home with Thermal Block is one of those rare occasions where selecting the best is also choosing the most affordable. All of these many benefits come to you at a lower cost compared to a conventionally built home. A Thermal Block home has a monthly return on energy savings in the range of 40%. Additionally, lower costs for insurance, maintenance, pest and termite control will produce monthly savings for you as long as you own a Thermal Block home.